Don’t sweep Turner stench under the rug

April 26, 2014

Julia Vaughn’s [April 21 Forefront column] has added credence evidenced by the “Turner’s new play” piece in the April 21 edition.

Now that Daddy has cleared the way for the family business (and Rep. Turner) to continue to build these facilities and make millions of dollars, these ethical folks want to tap the pockets of “accredited investors” to help fill the family coffers. Perhaps they could add a footnote to the business statements disclosing the political contributions for those who killed the bill.

Vaughn hits the nail on the head by pointing out the good ol’ boy network within our so-called leaders. Sadly, nothing will be done about this scamming of the public, no change will be made in the ethics committee, and it will be business as usual once the winds have blown the stench away. Sooner or later there will be another stench caused by yet another unethical elected official and we can do all of this once again.

George Keely

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