FAST 25: enVista

July 18, 2015
Co-founder John Stitz is eyeing "a number of strategic acquisitions." (Photo courtesy of enVista)

 3-year growth: 77 percent
2014 revenue: $56.0 million

Constantly updating:

Over 13 years, enVista has regularly added services to help clients reduce cost and eliminate waste from supply chains. Senior managing partner and co-founder John Stitz said that, by doing so, “We have developed a pretty solid name when it comes to supply chain and IT consulting.” The result: more customers, larger projects and more growth.

New areas:

The added services have included freight management and freight brokerage, IT services (a 2011 addition made through an acquisition), a material-handling design-build practice in 2012, and software in 2013. That last addition was the launch of a business unit called Enspire Commerce Software, which involves e-commerce and order management.

Spectrum of clients:

EnVista typically works in retail, food and beverage, and third-party logistics. For one of its clients, sporting-goods retailer Hibbett Sports, enVista helped with a range of services, including determining the capacity and location of Hibbett’s distribution network, creating transportation- and warehouse-management systems, and designing the layout of a new distribution center. The multimillion-dollar project “set them up for growth and being able to support that growth for seven to 10 years,” Stitz said.

Going global:

In September 2014, enVista opened an office in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, United Kingdom, to serve as its Europe, Middle East and Africa headquarters. “There’s a lot of opportunity to replicate what we’re doing here domestically in the United States overseas,” Stitz said. Over the next 24 to 36 months, “You will see our footprint [grow] into other areas as well, but certainly a major thrust of what we do is going to be located in the United States and centrally located out of Indiana.”


The company plans for 26-percent revenue growth this year and said it has its eye on “a number of strategic acquisition targets that will allow us to accelerate our growth and round out our solutions and services footprint.” •

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