LETTER: Hudnut had important impact on neighborhoods

January 14, 2017

Mayor William Hudnut’s passing leaves a special legacy for Indy’s neighborhoods. The greater Nora-Northside community was honored and blessed by his leadership.

His sincere interest and concern for our area, as well as the city at large, helped provide a quality of life for the citizens of this “no mean city,” as he often defined us.

His vision for greenway and environmental development; his kind, civil, and positive response to neighborhood advocates; and his eternal optimism shall always be remembered by those he so loyally served.

The Nora-Northside Community Council Board of Directors unanimously voted on Jan. 5 to publish this Resolution of Gratitude for the service and achievements of “Mayor Bill” in making Indianapolis a first-class city.


Ruth Hayes, president
Nora-Northside Community Council

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