Wrestler also excelled at football

September 5, 2009

[Mickey Maurer’s Aug. 24 column] on Cleo Moore caught my attention. I have read his name in the papers many times and thought it sounded familiar. As I read through your article on Moore, it dawned on me why I recognized his name.

Your article failed to mention that Moore was also a pretty good football player while attending Harry E. Wood High School. If memory serves me correctly, he may have been All City or at least honorable mention. His high school football coach, Gary Fox and his wife, Pat, lived across the street from my childhood home. Gary was like a big brother to me and he and his wife later became great mentors for my wife and me as we started our married life.

When I was a young teenager, Gary’s wife would take me to all of the football games and I became very familiar with many of the players’ names and would see many of them across the street from my house as they visited with their coach.

Gary Fox, now 79, went on to become a professor at the University of Missouri and retired 12 to 15 years ago.

I called Moore’s old high school football coach to update him on one of his star high school players. Gary was elated to hear that Moore had done so well since he left high school.

Larry Connolly
Connolly Ford Leppert Inc. Underwriters Alliance of Indiana Inc.

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