Letter: Curtis Hill deserves fair hearing

July 20, 2018

We have read the articles about the allegations of several women regarding inappropriate behaviors made by Attorney General Curtis Hill. We stand strongly against sexual harassment. We also support any movement that urges due process when accusations of injustice have been made. No one knows, save Mr. Hill and his accusers, whether he is guilty or innocent, but the protesters, the governor, and four key lawmakers have already implicated his guilt based solely on the accusations. IUPUI law professors called the investigation unprofessional and unjust.

No mention is made whatsoever of the racial undertones of this case. The 1955 lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till comes to mind. In Hill’s case, lacking fair due process, this appears like a modern-day lynching.

We urge that the protests continue but that there be a focus on Hill receiving a fair hearing in view of the odds stacked against him.


Chalmer Thompson, Lisa Maxey-Smith, Loraine Morris, Dorothy Herron

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