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JANUARY 9-15, 2012

This week, read about Indianapolis' new breed of street performers and meet the new generation of leadership at locally based LDI Ltd. In Focus, see what state schools chief Tony Bennett is doing to gear up for re-election. And Ed Feigenbaum examines the big stories brewing this legislative session.

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IT upgrade for state dogged by delays

The state missed a Dec. 15 deadline to complete a complicated technology overhaul of its unemployment insurance system—the latest in a series of delays that have added years to the project and led to more than $18 million in cost overruns.

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Performers set to take to streets

Indianapolis has its occasional street musician or juggler, but the Super Bowl will bring out a new breed of performer–more theatrical, more cutting-edge. Local arts supporters hope the taste will leave city officials and residents wanting street theater year-round.

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Great-grandson of LDI’s founder prepares to take reins

In a world that likes to see businesses grow by leaps and bounds, LDI Ltd. is a tortoise. The family-owned holding company typically hangs onto firms in its portfolio for 15 years or more. It might take more than two years to zero in on an acquisition target. And it’s putting its next CEO, J.A. Lacy, through a year-long apprenticeship.

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IU doc growth slower than expected

Indiana University Health Physicians started as the Indiana Clinic three years ago with plans to employ at least 1,200 physicians by now. That hasn’t happened, but the organization said it won’t stop folding doctors into its organization.

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Technology already helping commuters

Richard Sullivan’s letter to the editor [Jan. 2] makes some great observations about how few people take full advantage of Indianapolis’ existing transit resources.

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Markets can rein in health care costs

Congratulations to Rob Hillman, Anthem and UnitedHealthcare [Nov. 26] for allowing patients and health care consumers to shop for lower-cost providers within their networks.

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PROXY CORNER: Biglari Holdings Inc.

Biglari Holdings Inc. is a San Antonio-based holding company that owns Indianapolis-based Steak n Shake, Roanoke, Va.-based Western Sizzlin and invests in a diverse range of businesses.

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