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JULY 27-AUG. 2, 2009

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St. Francis buys big cardiology practice

As concern grows among medical providers that health care reform augurs lower payments, St. Francis
Hospital & Health Centers has agreed to absorb a large group of cardiologists that bring lucrative heart patients to its

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Poll says Colts are the local fan favorite

A newly released 2008 poll shows the Indianapolis Colts thumping the Indiana Pacers in fan support, which isn’t a
surprise given the recent fortunes of the teams. But some observers say the numbers are more a reflection of the popularity
of the National Football League and the Colts’ Peyton Manning than an indictment of the Pacers.

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Advertising veterans launch new agency

Three Indianapolis advertising and marketing veterans have launched a new full-service agency. While the timing might not
be great—with the swooning economy—Dave Lesh, Bruce Dean and Bill Hendrickson think they have the experience to
forge a solid business.

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Banks building new branches despite online age

Bank transaction counts—the number of people going into banks to make a deposit, cash a check or
conduct some other form of business—have declined in recent years with the increased popularity
of direct deposit, online banking and easy ATM accessibility. So why add branches?

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EDITORIAL: Wishard’s smart planning shields taxpayers

A referendum this fall on Wishard Health Services’ plans to build a $754 million hospital will tell a lot about the
mood—and savvy—of Marion County voters. In this economy, and with government at all levels strapped
for cash, the knee-jerk reaction might be to reject such a proposal.

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FEIGENBAUM: Historic milestone in gambling industry approaches

Indiana has made billions on gambling in nearly two decades, funding key programs, cutting excise and property taxes, and
avoiding tax hikes. The state has seen more than $2 billion in investment without any government incentives,
and more dollars committed in our history than by any industry outside of steel, power and autos.

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FELDMANN: Don’t seek attention, generate it

In case after case, we see businesses and not-for-profit organizations launching initiatives, holding
events and undertaking other activities for the sole purpose of “awareness raising.” And
in case after case, we see that the public failed to respond the way the organization expected.

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Indianapolis Public Schools needs more than it gets

This year will be our 18th year as IPS parents. My husband and I are college graduates, upper-middle
class. He is employed full time and I’m self-employed part-time. We chose to stay in IPS
and try to make a difference for the many classmates that have no one rooting for them at home.

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