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NOVEMBER 19-25, 2012

This week, find out how Yats' founders are looking to grow the local restaurant chain and read about plans for a new entrance to Circle Centre mall. In Focus, learn what Indiana colleges think about competency-based education. And in Forefront, see what our columnists have to say about the 2012 elections.

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Executives backing push to launch pro soccer team

A group of Indianapolis business executives is laying the groundwork to launch a professional soccer team here in 2014. Members of the group won’t identify themselves, but this month they launched a website——seeking season-ticket commitments.

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Plenty of turbulence ahead, despite Republic’s progress

Analysts are impressed by Bedford’s cost-cutting achievements at Republic’s scheduled-service carrier, Frontier Airlines, and his early progress in restructuring its Chautauqua unit, which flies small regional jets on contract for branded carriers.

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Small biz exposure clouds WellPoint’s future

WellPoint’s average small-employer client has just 8.5 lives covered on its health plan. And firms of that size are far more likely to use the new health insurance exchanges, said WellPoint Chief Financial Officer Wayne DeVeydt.

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EDITORIAL: University bloat ripe for review

The number of administrative workers at Purdue shot up 54 percent in the past decade, nearly eight times the increase in tenured and non-tenured faculty, Bloomberg reported. Meanwhile, the cost for room, board and other expenses for attending the university swelled 60 percent.

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KENNEDY: Be careful what you wish for

I’ll admit to taking guilty pleasure from two highly significant miscalculations of this year’s election cycle: the infusion of gazillions of corporate dollars to sway voters, and efforts to (ahem!) “true the vote.

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SNYDER: An unnecessary barrier to entry

A few months ago, I was visiting a friend in the hospital. As I observed the staff attending to him, I was impressed by the quality of care he received. It was clear he was in good hands.

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ALTOM: It’s easy to fill gaps in business knowledge online

The online world is blossoming with education, both good and questionable. It was one of the first uses for the Web. The Web brought technical people together to share information, and often it was in the form of a tutorial to answer the question, “How do I get this to do that?”

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Don’t ruin Mass Ave

Carol Faenzi hit the nail on the head [Nov. 12 Viewpoint]. I don’t find many who endorse the exterior design of the proposed Mass Ave structure.

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Maurer on target

A note to heartily second your thoughts [Maurer column, Nov. 12] regarding Republican Party politics.

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Ritz should advocate higher teacher salaries

Teachers have the most difficult job in the world. They aren’t paid what they’re worth.” Across Indiana, these words have become cliché. In their guts, Hoosiers know what data has proven—better pay for teachers translates, in the long run, to better outcomes for students.

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Teachers crave rules

The Bennett/Ritz election was a contest between forward motion and status quo. Daniels and Bennett are pressing the accelerator. Ritz represents a tactically oriented teacher group and will pump the brakes to slow change initiatives.

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NFP of NOTE: Kiwanis Foundation of Indianapolis Inc.

The mission of the Kiwanis Foundation of Indianapolis Inc., on behalf of the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis, is to build a better community through charitable giving and service projects that focus on youth in the Indianapolis area.

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