Indianapolis Business Journal

NOVEMBER 2-8, 2009

This week, find out the thinking behind Steak n Shake's investment in a Michigan insurance company and learn what Indiana college students have in common with John Belushi's infamous "Animal House" character. Check out the city of Greenwood's plans for $75 million in federal stimulus funds. And in A&E, get the lowdown on Zionville's newest exclamation-worthy eatery.

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Health insurer Anthem’s market share swells

Indianapolis-based WellPoint Inc.’s Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield subsidiary claimed 42.5 percent of central Indiana residents
covered by private health insurance
this year, up from 35-percent last year, according to a market research firm.

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State’s college graduation rates bedevil education experts

Just over half of students at state-supported, four-year institutions in Indiana graduate within six years—a tremendous
waste of resources by both students and taxpayers. The number of citizens with bachelor’s degrees is one of the surest
indicators of economic success in a 21st century economy driven less by workers’ hands
and more by their heads.

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Indiana students excel in some types of math

Indiana schools are making huge strides in teaching students math required for careers in science, engineering and information technology jobs. But education experts point to stagnant test scores on national math exams as confirmation that many students still are not excelling, or are not even proficient, in the subject.

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HICKS: Recession results in ‘great deleveraging’

On virtually every meaningful measure, this recession stacks up as only the third or fourth worst post-World War II recession, but its effects are much more profound in a few areas. One area that will be most apparent is the changes the economy has wrought on consumer credit.

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Vote no on Wishard

“Get out and Vote (no) for Wishard” should have been [Chris Katterjohn’s Oct. 26 column] for two simple

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Medical care vs. sports facilities

Many of Wishard Memorial Hospital’s buildings date back to 1914 and many of the areas in the hospital are quite outdated. As I walk around the facility
every week, it is apparent that the hospital is not only outdated but it is beyond remodeling.

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Bundle medicine with care

I would like to thank IBJ for highlighting the role of interdisciplinary (“bundled”) medicine in the
Oct. 19 article, “Huddling on Health Care.”

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Here’s another Hoosier hero

[In response to Mickey Maurer’s Oct. 19 column asking for Hoosier heroes] Jimmy O’Donnell, survivor, U.S.S.
Indianapolis. He is approaching 90 years old.

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Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship program expands

Due to high demand, the Orr fellowship will place 20 fellows starting with its 2010 class. It anticipates
placing 40 fellows in 2011 and 80 in 2012. The program is designed to match top graduates of Indiana colleges with entrepreneurial

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PROXY CORNER: Conseco Inc.

Conseco Inc. provides Medicare supplement, cancer, heart/stroke and accident insurance policies as
well as annuities and life insurance products through a nationwide network of distributors. 

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