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OCTOBER 14-20, 2013

You didn't need to be a professional prognosticator to see this coming: Ratings for newscasts on WTHR-TV Channel 13 have surged since meteorologist Angela Buchman debuted, following her exit from competitor WISH-TV Channel 8 last year. IBJ's Chris O'Malley reports that numbers are very persuasive, as ratings for all of 13's evening newscasts have soared by double digits. Also in this issue, Anthony Schoettle reports that the Indiana Pacers are the first team in the NBA to score a deal for advertising on its court (outside of naming-rights sponsors). And in Focus, Jeff Newman has new details on the proposed Market Square Tower, which could be the first major addition to Indy's east-side skyline in decades.

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Could airport gambling idea take off?

Two gambling-industry lawyers see untapped potential in Indianapolis International Airport, which they argue is the ideal place to roll out wireless gambling technology and rake in revenue to support more nonstop flights, like the one United Airlines will launch in January to San Francisco.

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Advanced Placement worth the money

The [Sept. 28] article “State Spending More in AP Testing for High-Schoolers, but Failure Rate is Rising” implies supporting the Advanced Placement fees might not be worth the investment. This is not the case, and I urge our legislators to continue supporting this expense.

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