Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 2-8, 2013

This week, J.K. Wall examines Mitch Daniels' uphill battle to change the way Purdue University measures student learning, graduate success and the school's overall academic quality. After a year in the job as university president, Daniels still faces skepticism from faculty who view his quantitative approach, miserly style and political bent as counterproductive. In Focus, we present our annual list of the top real estate brokers in central Indiana, with in-depth info on their transactions for 2012. And in Forefront, state legislators go head-to-head in a debate over the best methods to improve the Indiana's economic outlook.

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EDITORIAL: Find a long-term fix

Mayor Ballard’s support for the $6 million World Sports Park on the far-east side has become a rallying point for critics of his spending priorities. They say the money would be better spent chipping away at the city’s huge infrastructure needs. We think they’re missing the point on a couple of fronts.

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Hicks: Blame labor’s collapse on its own successes

The decline of the American labor movement is startling. In only 50 years, membership has dropped 80 percent. No mainstream American institution of note has dissipated at this pace before. Today, more Americans receive disability payments than belong to private-sector unions.

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Kim: Steer clear of leveraged exchange-traded funds

If you are confident the S&P 500 will be 20 percent higher a year from now, you might think an exchange-traded fund (ETF) whose objective is to provide two times or even three times the return of the S&P 500 would be just the ticket to earn 40 percent (two times) or 60 percent (three times). You couldn’t be more wrong.

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Democrats wrong party for adult leadership

If Sheila Kennedy [Aug. 26] has left the Republican Party and become a Democrat in hopes of finding a party of grown-ups, she can’t be thinking of the same Democrats who seem to follow the rules of Saul Alinsky, who advises in “Rules for Radicals” to make the other party the worst kind of evil while Democrats need not stick to the truth to accomplish the end.

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GOP needs updating

I agree with Sheila Kennedy [Aug. 26] that the GOP of a generation ago that she and I worked for and supported has left.

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