Is going multimodal next for Carmel?

Carmel’s virtual Disney World of new, high-density attractions—from the mixed-use City Center to the Carmel Arts and Design
District—were built with walking and biking access in mind. A recently completed study shows the potential to link numerous
other city destinations by multiple forms of transportation.

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In-car spy device could drive sales

Carmel-based CarCheckup LLC has created a cell-phone-size device that plugs into a car’s “OBD II” diagnostic port to track
a plethora of data, such as speed ranges, graphs of RPM, and numbers on how hard the car accelerated and braked. The company
is marketing the device to parents of teen drivers, among others.

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Adesa parent turns profit, beats expectations

KAR Auction Services reported a profit of $5.3 million in the fourth quarter after sustaining a loss in the same period in
2008. The company's CEO attributed the turnaround to several factors, including the completion of an initial public offering.

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