Commuter subsidies often go unnoticed

In a dark little corner of the tax code known as Section 132(f), the IRS lets employers provide tax-free benefits—typically, payroll deductions and/or subsidies—to employees for commuting costs. That includes vans, buses, bikes, trains, and even parking. And both parties can save, since they’re not getting dinged for their respective taxes on the amount of the benefit.

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City proposes stricter towing rules

A proposed ordinance would crack down on “predatory” towing practices by requiring tow-truck operators to adhere to several rules meant to protect consumers.

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City vendor may get $1.2B from parking-privatization deal

The pitch from Mayor Greg Ballard’s administration to privatize the city’s parking meters is compelling, but the proposal
to sell the meters to Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services Inc. has the city giving up more in the long run than is immediately

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