AI issue

“A GAME CHANGER” text was generated from Adobe Firefly text effects using the prompt “tech circuits in mostly light pinks and soft yellows and some light purples.” The image at left was generated using Midjourney with the prompt “computers control the city of Indianapolis in daylight.” The image was enhanced with Topaz Photo AI. (AI image/Midjourney)

The rapid acceleration of artificial intelligence is, in a word, unnerving. Concerns abound over accuracy, ethics and the impact on jobs. But the opportunities in business, education, health care, the arts and more appear endless. Amid the datasets and algorithms is the inescapable conclusion that AI will transform how we work and lead to innovation and breakthroughs

All illustrations on this page were generated using an artificial intelligence tool. Click on each link to learn which tool and what prompt IBJ used.

Generative AI: The basics

Does jumping into AI seem a bit intimidating? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. So we’ve put together some tips and examples here that should make it a little easier to try out one of several free or inexpensive apps that can help you generate a sketch, a poem or even a cover letter. You might start with ChatGPT, which is easy and free to get started, then move on to other options. You can see the results of some of our prompts here and throughout the issue.

A view of Indianapolis

We asked Dall-E to create paintings of downtown Indianapolis in various styles. You can see the results for five of the prompts at right. You’ll notice that while several of them give an impression of Indianapolis, none is an accurate representation of downtown. In some cases, Dall-E combined different buildings into one or moved the locations.

AI’s applications reach far and wide