Anyone can feel the power of mentoring

January 30, 2010

Your headline [on the Jan. 25 Viewpoint] said it all: “Find a mentor to make you better.” January was national mentoring month to raise awareness of the power of mentoring, which is often thought of as valuable for youth. It’s time to rethink mentoring and recognize its power for all of us. Seventy percent of corporate executives have acknowledged having mentors.

Trusted Mentors Inc. is a local not-for-profit that uses the power of mentoring to help adults stabilize their lives and overcome the chaos brought on by poverty, homelessness and the effects of incarceration. In 2009, 90 percent of our mentored adults remained housed.

At Trusted Mentors, we hope that all people will see themselves as mentors to others, to be that person who can be “nurturing and encouraging.” And for some, we hope that they step forward to become a trained mentor and empower others to develop life skills and build positive support networks that will reduce poverty and recidivism in Indianapolis. Your readers can go to www.trustedmentors.org for more information.


Jeri Warner

Executive director

Trusted Mentors Inc.

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