Caldwell was right choice for Colts

February 2, 2009

Another very good [column by Bill Benner in the Jan. 19 issue] on target. I was not a fan of [Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Jim] Caldwell without knowing anything about him when I heard that he would succeed Tony Dungy without interviewing any other candidates.

You hit the nail on the head, though, in your comments about his initial interviews. I became an instant fan. I sincerely hope he does well. I always appreciated Dungy for what he was—a very good coach and a very good man. I was disappointed when the family decided to live in Tampa and felt at the time it was a subtle slap at Indy. In my years in business it has been a bad sign when a potential employee wanted to commute a long distance rather than be a part of the local community.

Therefore I was not shocked when Dungy decided to retire—his heart wasn't all here. So now it's time to get on the Caldwell bandwagon. I hope he keeps the Colts exciting to watch which is the major improvement Coach Dungy brought us—thank you very much, Coach Dungy, and good luck. And thank you, Bill, for your insight and

Don Gatlin

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