Pence owed apology

September 6, 2014

In response to Gov. Mike Pence’s [Aug. 25] letter “Maurer distorted Pence position,” I agree with the governor on Mickey Maurer’s poor choice of words. Maurer has been thought of for years as a respected journalist and thought leader. His many columns in IBJ over the years have covered myriad topics and his depth of knowledge on most of the topics he writes about is quite impressive.

But to use the analogy of the present crisis on our Mexican border to that of the civilized world’s refusal to grant refuge to European Jews desperate to escape genocide in the face of the Holocaust—what was he thinking? Maurer really crossed the line.

Maurer should look Pence (and IBJ subscribers) in the eye and humbly apologize. He’s better than that.

Harold “Bud” Boughton, Greenwood

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