Leaders of Trump's Indiana campaign endorse Rokita

April 9, 2018

The leaders of Donald Trump's 2016 general election campaign in Indiana are endorsing Rep. Todd Rokita in the state's Republican Senate primary.

Rex Early, the chairman of the 2016 effort, and vice chairman Tony Samuel made the announcement Monday.

The two criticized Rokita's rivals—fellow Rep. Luke Messer and former state Rep. Mike Braun—for not doing enough to support Trump in 2016.

They say Rokita "wholeheartedly" supported Trump.

However, Rokita didn't always praise him. He backed Sen. Marco Rubio during the presidential primary and once called Trump "vulgar."

But since launching his Senate candidacy in August, his entire campaign has been based on appealing to Trump voters.

Indiana's primary is on May 8. It will determine who faces Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly.



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