Norm Heikens

Norm Heikens

Enterprise/Opinion Editor

Heikens writes about manufacturing and entrepreneurship and edits Focus coverage at IBJ as well as the opinion and editorial pages. He also moderates the opinion website INforefront.com. He’s in his second tour of duty at IBJ, having reported on the economy at The Indianapolis Star from 1998 to 2006. A native of Iowa, he graduated from Southern Illinois University with a major in journalism, and was a reporter in Illinois and taught English in Japan. He lives near Franklin with his wife, son and hooligan dogs, and enjoys hiking.

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Strong dollar divides economy into winners, losers

Hoosier businesses and consumers face a dynamic not seen in a generation—a dollar significantly more muscular than many competing currencies. Experts predict the dollar’s clout and the pros and cons of that power will endure for a year and possibly as long as three.
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Indiana ports set records in 2014

Ports operated by the state set shipping records last year, according to Ports of Indiana, the quasi-government body that operates ports at Burns Harbor on Lake Michigan, and at Jeffersonville and Mount Vernon on the Ohio River.
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Cycling devotees embrace $450 pump

Josh Poertner, a Zipp Speed Weaponry engineer who helped prove bicycle fanatics would pay $3,000 for a pair of aerodynamic wheels, has turned his Steve Jobs-like obsession with technology and design to the lowly tire pump.
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