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JAN. 28-FEB. 3, 2013

This week, learn about state legislation that would make it easier for utilities to boost their rates and find out why a local marketing firm wants clients to focus on employees instead of customers. In Focus, see how HIllenbrand Industries is diversifying its business. And A&E, etc. columnist Bruce Hetrick reflects on the common threads in recent speeches from President Obama and Gov. Mike Pence.

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Once-thriving drug lab in turnaround mode

Two years ago, executives at AIT Laboratories “took their eye off the ball,” and watched the company’s business plummet 29 percent in value. Now, after two years of turmoil, the drug-testing lab says it’s poised to return to the double-digit rates of growth that made it a local star.

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APPEL: Mergers and acquisitions will accelerate by midyear

Savvy Indiana business owners rightly wonder about the merger-and-acquisition and capital market outlook for 2013. Unfortunately, it is likely mixed, with a sluggish outlook for the first half of the year. However, many hope that, by midyear, there will be a pickup to end the year strong.

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EDITORIAL: If it’s a priority, fund accordingly

Gov. Mike Pence insists Indiana can cut taxes, maintain its strong financial position, and fund its priorities, and that the tax cut will stimulate spending and put businesses in a position to add jobs. Whether that’s realistic depends to a great extent on how the state’s priorities are defined and how much should be spent on them.

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MORRIS: Finally, a new tax I can support

I wrote a column recently complaining about all the new taxes bestowed on us this new calendar year. It was a lengthy list. So, I don't want to sound contradictory when I tell you now that I want central Indiana residents to support a modest tax increase in the future to expand mass transit.

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FEIGENBAUM: Key issues not illuminated in Pence address

Many lawmakers and other observers had expected this year’s State of the State speech to add key details to Gov. Mike Pence’s roadmap—effectively serving as a GPS of sorts for lawmakers seeking to divine the route taken and the destinations visited on the journey promised on inauguration day.

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ALTOM: Firms must think carefully about policies on devices

“BYOD” is tech-speak for “bring your own device,” and it refers to whether you want to allow employees to transact your business using their own laptops, notebooks or smartphones, or if you want to impose your own standards and supply what you think they should have so you keep control of the technology.

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Guns laws work

I thought it would be impossible to write about gun laws after the Newtown tragedy and not talk about the bulbous magazine clips that allow a sane or insane person to fire hundreds of rounds from an automatic weapon in seconds, but Peter Rusthoven [Jan. 7] managed to do the impossible.

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Gun column hit mark

Thank you for Peter J. Rusthoven's column. What a well-written, well-thought-out editorial, with substantiating articles, to better support the fact that enacting gun laws doesn't disarm the criminals.

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