Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 10-16, 2014

In this issue, Cory Schouten takes a hard, in-depth look at the business dealings of Ersal Ozdemir, whose development and construction firm Keystone Group has taken on projects benefiting from millions of dollars in public subsidies. Critics paint Ozdemir as a politically connected opportunist who has been able to bend the system for his benefit. Also this week, Kathleen McLaughlin explores planned changes to U.S. 31 that are worrying Carmel residents. And in A&E, Lou Harry gives northsiders a primer on enjoying ice cream purveyor Graeter's.

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KENNEDY: We’re getting what we deserve

Anyone who has ever written a book, mounted a PR campaign or started a new business has confronted a threshold question: Who’s your audience? Who will read your book, be persuaded by your campaign, or buy your widget?

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Hicks: Choke Russian ambitions with a Fed strategy

The Soviet, er … Russian, invasion of Ukraine offers a nice reminder of JFK’s old dictum that domestic policy can defeat us, but foreign policy can get us killed. As we pay higher gasoline prices, we ought to think about the world as it is and our options.

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Rotten foundation

Mike Hicks [Feb 3] identifies the decisions made by individuals that almost guarantee poverty—quitting high school, using drugs and having children out of wedlock.

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Downtown justice complex would spur city’s center

The stated preferred location for the new criminal justice center, 6600 Kentucky Ave., is attractive on a first-cost basis because it is bare farm ground. However, looking at the benefits of this project long-term, this site would be a mistake.

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