Indianapolis Business Journal

NOVEMBER 9-15, 2009

This week,  read about how developer J. Greg Allen kept his ambitious downtown condo project on track despite the tough economy and find out why the Horizon League Network is winning big-time kudos. Also, Greg Andrews takes a look at Flaherty & Collins Properties' failed Charlotte skyscraper project, and we discover the joy that is Holy Cow! frosting.

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Catholic-owned builder edges into Indianapolis

When Sisters of St. Francis Health Services Inc. bought Tonn and Blank Construction Co. in 1998, more
than one employee of the Michigan City firm wondered what it would be like to be run by a Roman Catholic
order that not only owned a string of Midwestern hospitals but also traced its spiritual heritage to
a 12th century mystic.

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Sallie Mae jobs are in jeopardy

There are 2,300 hard-working and well-paid professionals here in Indiana whose
jobs are hanging in the balance while Congress debates a bill (H.R. 3221) that would eliminate the private student loan industry
as we know it.

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Have you hired a veteran today?

With Veterans Day upon us, we are reminded to thank a veteran for his or her service and to honor the memories of those
who fought for our country and did not come home. But in the business community, we can do more than that, all year long,
by bringing veterans into our organizations.

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Huntington National Bank’s assets fell because partnership ended

Last week’s front-page story “Shuffling the deck” pointed out the significant gains midsize banks have
made in the Indianapolis market over the last year. The one glaring exception was Columbus, Ohio-based Huntington National
Bank, which had lost $56.3 million in local deposits as of June 30, according to the FDIC. A closer look explains

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