Indianapolis Business Journal

OCTOBER 5-11, 2009

This week, check out what's happening at the former Herron Art Institute now that plans for residential development has stalled--and take a narrated tour of the site through IBJ's audio slide show. Also, read all about a Carmel software developer's hot new iPhone app and find out what's on the horizon for local camera retailer Roberts. And A&E guru Lou Harry explores the popularity of the TV show "Glee," the latest buzz-worthy show from Indiana native Ryan Murphy.

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FDIC fee hitting small banks particularly hard

Fees imposed on U.S. banks to rebuild a Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. fund nearly depleted by scores of bank failures is
expected to sap profits of small financial institutions. Community banks with less income than their larger counterparts are
particularly at risk of having their 2009 earnings erased by the charges after an emergency fee on banks took effect June

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Hotel water plan is wasteful

I would like to take exception to the topic and the quote in [Scott] Olson’s article in the Sept. 21 IBJ regarding
the de-watering system planned for the new Marriott Hotel.

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Rights don’t come from government

Bruce Hetrick is wrong in asserting that “We pray and protest under the protection of government” and that
“We … freely publish columns … because of government.” His assertions reveal the progressive mind-set
and belief that we receive our rights from government, and thus man

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Maurer column hit the mark

[Mickey Maurer’s Sept. 21] column was right on! Totally to the point and about time someone stated the obvious. When will this country begin once again to make people pay for their crime(s)?

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Are blue laws wrong or are we immoral?

When I was a kid growing up in Kentucky, no business was conducted on Sunday at all. On a rare occasion my dad would
load up the car and we would cross the river and shop in Indiana.

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Simon embodied customer loyalty

I sat in Beth-El Zedeck Temple for the funeral services of Melvin Simon. The various speakers spoke of Mel’s desire
to create a real estate empire and his desire to give back to the community.

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Health reform could swamp doctors

Health reform that would cover millions of uninsured Americans would theoretically send a flood of new
patients to physicians. Yet in Indiana and nationwide, there’s already a shortage of doctors.

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American Water wants to raise rates

The Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor is seeking public input on a proposed rate hike by American Water Inc.,
which has 283,000 customers in the state, including in Noblesville and Greenwood.

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SEC fines former CFO of American Commercial Lines

Christopher A. Black, a former investment banker in Indianapolis and former chief financial officer of Jeffersonville-based
river barge transportation firm American Commercial Lines Inc., has agreed to pay a $25,000 fine to settle a Securities and
Exchange Commission investigation.

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PROXY CORNER: Arcadia Resources Inc.

Arcadia Resources Inc. markets and sells surgical supplies, orthotic and prosthetic products, and durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and hospital beds and provides oxygen and other respiratory therapy services and equipment.

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