Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2009

This week's issue includes a story about a change of strategy at Indy Jazz Fest, our take on the state's centuries-old liquor laws, results of a IBJ Daily reader poll on environmental issues, and Bill Benner's perspective on respect in college football.

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EDITORIAL: Indiana’s Sunday booze ban should be tossed

Sunday is the second-busiest grocery-shopping day of the week in Indiana, but there’s one product Hoosiers aren’t
allowed to put in their shopping carts that day even though it’s perfectly legal the rest of the week. That’s
because an archaic blue law prohibits carryout liquor sales on Sundays.

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MARCUS: State’s long-term job deficit tops 800,000

Recently, I saw a newspaper story detailing the number and percentage of jobs lost over the past year for Indiana’s
metropolitan areas. This year-over-year story is appropriate, but it tends to hide the truth behind the numbers.

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MUELLER: Women, Wall Street and financial crises

Although women now make up 60 percent of the work force, they occupy only 20 percent of executive positions. There are even
fewer in finance, especially the high-risk areas like hedge funds. This may be one important reason we are in our
economic chaos.

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Marcus misses the point

In his Aug. 31 column, Morton Marcus dared to paint those who question the role of government on certain issues as misinformed,
narrow-minded and in constant need of reminding of their “obligations.” How arrogant!

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Do word puzzles help the economy?

The Indianapolis Business Journal is supposed to keep us informed on the comings and goings of Indiana businesses
and inspire us with great info on how to run ours better.

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ICVA unlikely to seek loan to pay for enhanced marketing

The idea of the not-for-profit Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association taking out a loan was not warmly received by
city officials. And financial institutions were less than thrilled with the idea given the ICVA’s diminishing revenue
and increasing costs.

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Study weakens Lilly’s fight against price controls

Eli Lilly and Co. and its peers might be back in Congress’ sights as lawmakers hunt for more ways to cut health care
costs. A new study in the influential Health Affairs journal concludes that European drugmakers operating
in markets with pharmaceutical price controls have produced proportionally more innovations than their U.S. counterparts.

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WellPoint insiders sell stock at right time

Take the money while it’s there. That’s what a handful of insiders at WellPoint Inc. decided in
the past month as they sold off nearly 150,000 company shares for gains of more than $3 million.

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United Way scales back fund-raising goal

United Way of Central Indiana recently announced a fund-raising goal of $39 million. That’s less than the goal of
$40 million set last year, when fund raising fell short, ending at $38.8 million.

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NFP of NOTE: 100 Black Men of Indianapolis

100 Black Men of Indianapolis’ mission is partnering with local schools, universities and other organizations to provide
programs that encourage personal development, academic growth and basic life skills to positively impact the mental, physical,
moral and spiritual development of young people.

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