2017 CFO of the Year: Michael Eline

At Second Helpings, Eline has had to carefully weigh every expenditure against the mission of the not-for-profit, which puts out a million meals a year and trains adults for kitchen work.

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2016 CFO of the Year: Joe Kessler

Joe Kessler has been credited with advanced funding of the employee pension plan, reducing interest costs and simplifying Community’s debt structure, and redesigning the East campus reinvestment plan.

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2016 CFO of the Year: Cheryl Harmon

Cheryl Harmon has been credited with helping build the culture and vision of St. Vincent, including forging new partnerships, improving revenue capture, and establishing a greater focus on growth and efficiency.

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2016 CFO of the Year: Robert B. Thomson

Thomson negotiated new usage agreements with airlines, put in place a new public safety officer retirement plan and developed a debt management program that has generated more than $50 million in savings since 2013.

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2016 CFO of the Year: Kyle Wenger

Kyle Wenger oversees all financial aspects of one of the nation’s leading living-history attractions—and one of Indiana’s top tourism draws—including its $12 million annual operating budget and a public foundation that oversees a $90 million endowment.

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2016 CFO of the Year: Madonna Wagner

In each of her seven years at the zoo, Madonna Wagner has guided the institution to an operating profit, balancing the ambitions of the global conservation organization with the practical needs of a facility that hosts 1.2 million visitors annually.

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2016 CFO of the Year: Susan Hardwick

The company’s first female executive, Susan Hardwick is a pioneer in a male-dominated business an she has been instrumental in recognizing and developing female and minority talent within the company.

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2016 CFO of the Year: Mark Denien

Heading a team of more than 120 associates, Mark Denien has raised $2.1 billion in new capital in the last 18 months while retiring $830 million in bonds and leading a reduction in debt of more than $1.4 billion.

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2016 CFO of the Year: Anthony Gioia

Anthony Gioia has guided OrthoIndy through a minefield of industry and regulatory changes, has been instrumental in the opening of urgent care clinics, and managed the group’s relationship with St. Vincent.

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2016 CFO of the Year: Eric Smith

During Smith’s time at One Click, the company divested or acquired seven businesses, rolled out an equity incentive planm and launched Felix + Iris, a prescriptive eyewear brand.

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2016 CFO of the Year: Matt Howard

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Indiana Limestone Co. Founded in 1926, the premier supplier of Indiana limestone has helped build the Empire State Building, the National Cathedral and the Pentagon. And, yes, Indiana Limestone owns the quarry seen in the movie “Breaking Away.” But in 2014, while going through a bankruptcy, the company called in […]

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