Josh Driver: 5 keys to an effective volunteer time-off program

Employees are not always fulfilled by their work. That can lead to expensive turnover, poor performance or disengagement. Empowering your staff to find purpose during work time creates loyalty to your company and helps fill the gaps their employment may not be creating at the moment.

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Tight job market puts not-for-profits to test

Some local entities have increased their attention on retaining existing staff, encouraging volunteers to move into paid positions and expanding their searches when jobs become available by targeting recent graduates or community clubs or schools.

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Hogsett seeks to eliminate city pensions

Mayor Joe Hogsett wants to replace traditional pensions for future employees with a retirement option more like a private-sector 401(k) as a way to help erase the city’s multimillion-dollar deficit.

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WILSON: Tech firms ramp up already-pitched battle for employees

In the midst of headlines reminding us of the high unemployment that has plagued this country for several years, we have a war for talent in the technology field, with companies in Indiana and elsewhere vying to hire an increasingly smaller pool of qualified applicants.

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