Indy Fringe part 4

More reviews from the Mass Ave. festival.Last night I only made it to one Indy Fringe show, due to my misreading of the program (my fault, not the designers). This
led to the last minute pick of “The Stetson Manifesto,” presented by Lebenon, Indiana’s Happy Holler Productions.

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Port-a-potty cleaning not such a foul job after all

Danny Hutson jumps down from the cab of his truck, grabs a giant yellow and black hose, and gets ready to deal with a familiar
smell: human waste and disinfectant. It’s all part of the job for Hutson, who cleans as many as 45 portable toilets a day
for Aardvark Tidy Toilets, a division of Indianapolis-based Gridlock Traffic Systems Inc.

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500 Festival retools after growth spurt

May is show time for 500 Festival Inc., and the local not-for-profit should have more than enough gas in its tank to cross
the 2008 finish line. In the past five years, it has doubled its budget, improved attendance–and quality–at its signature
parade, and continued to grow the nation’s largest half-marathon. But once the checkered flag flies, festival leaders will
sit down to consider whether they can maintain that pace without losing focus.

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