Senior Open draws 146,915 to Carmel

The U.S. Senior Open Championship, which wrapped up yesterday, drew a total of 146,915 spectators
to Carmel’s Crooked Stick Golf Club for three days of practice and four days of tournament play.

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Wet spring, slow economy slice into area golf business

On a typical Saturday at Smock Golf Course on the city’s south side, visitors are treated to a symphony of thwacks, pings
and the occasional plunk. In good or bad economic times, it seems, people in Indiana and across the country have always played
golf. But these days, the sound of that symphony has waned. Nationwide, the number of rounds of golf played through the first
half of this year is down 2 percent from last year. In Central Indiana, the situation is worse.

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Exclusive golf club opens up–a little

Until now, gaining entrance into the exclusive nine-hole golf course built on 40 acres next to the Indianapolis Metropolitan
Airport in Fishers was as difficult as a commoner scoring an invitation to a royal palace. But admittance to Balmoral is loosening–a

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