SKARBECK: Tax-haven crackdown starts getting serious

If you never got around to opening that Swiss bank account, you might want to wait a bit longer—at least until after
Sept. 23. That is the date the IRS has set for any tax-evading American to come forward regarding 52,000 accounts held at
Swiss banking giant UBS under a Voluntary Disclosure program.

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INVESTING: Looming debt problems present an opportunity

Whenever this bear market bottoms—and there is a growing possibility that we will see new lows in coming months—millions of investors will be throwing all kinds of assets away for pennies on the dollar. The discounts so far could pale in comparison. So, be patient, be prudent and be ready.

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INVESTING: High-frequency trading comes under scrutiny

A developing case of technology theft has shed light on the proprietary systems Goldman Sachs and other investment firms
use to make millions of dollars. A 39-year-old former employee at Goldman has been accused of stealing computer
code used in the company’s high-frequency trading system.

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