Tea Partiers misread

October 8, 2011

Ann DeLaney [letters, Sept. 26] cites a study by university professors to justify her position and that of U.S. Rep. Andre Carson that the Tea Party is “racist.” Delaney says, “The study found that many who support the Tea Party are active Republicans who are disproportionately socially conservative.” These Neanderthals had a “low regard for immigrants and blacks long before Barack Obama was president and they still do.”

What a bunch of prejudiced hogwash! For some reason, leftist university professors with a bias against conservatives just seem to know we have, en masse, a low regard for our lessers.

Herman Cain, an African-American candidate for president, is sympathetic to the Teas. Neither he nor I care about the color of the skin.

Obama is a statist and his policies have failed. Criticizing him for the foolishness of his policies and ideology is not racist. I argue that supporting him simply because of his color is as wrong as criticizing him for the same thing.

Delaney defends Carson’s hateful remarks by saying he didn’t indict all Teas as racists, just some. I know of no one who wants to see African-Americans “hanging from trees” and I don’t associate with hateful, bigoted people—even those who use their bigotry against those evil Republicans.

I have a question for Delaney: Isn’t it her party which proudly defends and salutes the disproportionate, legal killing of black, Hispanic and other minority fetuses since 1973? Some of us may think that is “racist,” so please don’t accuse people of hateful thoughts until you examine your own heart and biases.

John Sorg

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