James Madison: Indiana’s Klan legacy deserving of an honest reckoning

We’ve often embraced a consensus history, one devoid of conflict. A bloody civil war becomes a noble cause. The white supremacy that began in 1619 to build the largest system of forced labor in world history becomes a sidebar with modest significance. Such myths are prerequisites for so-called patriotic history. They comfort us, at least until we understand them as simple propaganda ill-suited to democracy.

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MADISON: Lamenting the young politicos missing in action

There have been times young Hoosiers flooded into the political arena. Indiana’s first territorial governor, William Henry Harrison, was in his late 20s when he assumed office. Jonathan Jennings just turned 30 when he became the first state governor.

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MADISON: Statehouse religion isn’t trending well

I’ve been listing to the Swan Silverstones. “Don’t blame it on the children,” this gospel group sings, which got me thinking about who’s to blame for the failure to regulate all our state’s child care facilities.

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