Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 21-27, 2014

Mayor Greg Ballard months ago announced plans for the nation's first all-electric car sharing service, but they have hit an imposing speed bump. Kathleen McLaughlin reveals the obstacle that could pass $16 million in costs to IPL customers. Also in this week's issue, Anthony Schoettle takes an indepth look at the Indiana Pacers' financial situation, which was brightening even before the team's recent subsidy deal with the city. And in Focus, Jeff Newman explores the architectural salvage niche and how players are adapting to economic trends.

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Beck’s Hybrids prospers against far bigger firms

When Lawrence and Francis Beck planted six acres of hybrid corn on their Hamilton County farm almost eight decades ago, the father and son sowed the seeds of a family business that’s still growing despite widespread industry consolidation.

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EDITORIAL: Fieldhouse lid cracking open

After years of insisting that it cannot make ends meet running Bankers Life Fieldhouse, and receiving millions of taxpayer dollars to ease the pain, Pacers Sports & Entertainment has agreed to open its books—somewhat—to city officials, and to the rest of us.

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KENNEDY: First, eat the spinach

There is probably not a parent on the planet who hasn’t delivered the time-honored dinner lecture, “No dessert unless you eat your vegetables.” We want our children to understand that first things come first—that consuming healthy food has to come before sugary treats, no matter how tempting.

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Plenty of credit for bike progress

I would like to thank the IBJ’s [April 14] editorial writers for acknowledging the explosion of Indy’s bicycling culture and amenities in the seven years since I took office, but I cannot in good conscience accept the credit single-handedly.

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Bike legacy? Really?

Is [bike-share] worthy of an editorial [April 14]? A substantive accomplishment would be getting a large number of commuters to use bicycles rather than cars.

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Lawyer stirs up trouble

After reading the lunacy involved in the [April 14] article concerning Richard Bell, I’m reminded of one of my favorite jokes:

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