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DEC. 28, 2009-JAN. 3, 2010

This week, recap the last 12 months with IBJ's 2009 Year in Review, from the top stories and newsmakers to our favorite photos. And don't forget to play our annual game and Mickey Maurer's word puzzle. In A&E, etc., Lou Harry shares his favorites from 2009. And Bill Benner and Bruce Hetrick reflect on the decade that's coming to a close.

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Newly opened racinos already face credit crunch

Clear signs emerged in 2009 that the Hoosier gambling market is oversaturated.
Major credit rating agencies expressed concerns that several casinos, including the state’s new horse track “racinos”
on the outskirts of Indianapolis, might go bust before the year was finished.

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HICKS: Reducing deficit imperative for national prosperity

The end of this decade is as good a time as any to reflect upon what has passed. We’ve had wars, two recessions,
three presidents, five Congresses and 10 Bowl Championship Series teams. Our population has risen, employment has risen, and
personal income has risen. The average American family is healthier, wealthier and, ideally, wiser. However, to listen to political rhetoric today, you’d think we’ve been living in the darkest
of ages.

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Editorial on Durham was worth posting

Thanks for your [editorial] in [the Dec. 7] IBJ. I really appreciated the comparison [between businessmen Tim Durham and Jim Dodson] and plan to reference this
article (now hanging in my office) as a reality check.

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