Indianapolis Business Journal

DECEMBER 14-20, 2009

This week, read about a newly revealed connection between Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and beleagured businessman Tim Durham. Also, find out where Indiana mayors might turn to replace millions lost because of tax caps. And in A&E, etc., see what Lou Harry has to say about Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's annual "Yuletide Celebration."

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Basketball tournament expansion could pay off for NCAA

The NCAA might expand its annual men’s tournament from the current three-week, 65-team format
to one featuring an added week and a whopping 96 teams. Proponents of the plan say it will generate a bigger
television rights-fee deal for the not-for-profit NCAA, which disperses 95 percent of the income to member institutions.

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Health care issues haven’t changed much

[In response to Chris Katterjohn’s Nov. 21 column] In ’73 I was a grad student in a master’s health care
management program and the same issues were the topic of the day, especially in the econ class.

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Fix what’s broken first

As a physician, I owe it to my patients to help get health care reform right. From the front line, physicians can offer
changes that could result in more cost-effective, efficient and accessible health care. That’s why I joined the Coalition
to Protect Patients’ Rights, along with 10,000 other doctors.

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Column overlooked airport parking option

In your Nov. 2 edition, Tom Henderson weighed in on the new Indy Airport experience. One of his complaints about the new
midfield terminal was that, without competition, available parking options have you where they want you. He realized, why
complain when it is a fait accompli? There is, however, another option.

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Property taxes are out of whack

I have always found Morton Marcus’ columns both entertaining and informative. I read the Dec. 7 column, in which
Marcus seems to insinuate that property taxes were acceptable as they were and do not require modifications. As a resident
of Marion County, I could not disagree more.

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