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When ExactTarget was purchased by, we initially were worried that it could leave town. Now comes news from reporter Scott Olson that ExactTarget is evaluating sites downtown where it could build a major office tower, both consolidating its local workforce and making room for growth. Also in this issue, Anthony Schoettle delves into whether the Indy Eleven needs a new soccer stadium for the franchise's long-term success. And in A&E, Lou Harry discusses the trouble he has warming up to the work of Robert Indiana, now on display at IMA.

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Mayor wants to lure high-earners to boost income-tax base

Mayor Greg Ballard’s chief deputy has spent the past six months telling community and business leaders that the city simply cannot cut its way out of its revenue problems; it also needs to attract more people to live within city boundaries so they will pay their income tax to Indianapolis.

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Doubt over how to run effective preschools derailed bill

Sen. Luke Kenley scuttled a pilot program of state-funded preschool vouchers for low-income families on Feb. 19, instead sending it to a summer committee to investigate 10 questions he said will help make sure Indiana launches a worthwhile program.

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Anthem seeking OK to test online physician visits

House Bill 1258 would allow the large health insurer Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to launch a pilot program using the Live Health Online technology it has developed with Massachusetts-based software firm American Well Corp.

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EDITORIAL: Push electric deregulation

Gov. Pence is smart to begin studying electric utility deregulation, and his trademark cautious, collaborative style could help the state avoid creating more problems than any reform he proposes might solve.

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KENNEDY: The costs of rejecting science

Count me among the many Hoosiers increasingly dismayed by the assault on science from people who seem threatened by the notion that empirical evidence might conflict with their worldviews.

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FEIGENBAUM: Lawmakers press ahead on education issues

The business community has turned a keen collective eye to a passel of bills that seek to improve education, including measures that would authorize Indianapolis Public Schools to enter into an agreement with a school-management team to establish innovative network schools, allow charter school support to be distributed at the organizer level; and create a career and technical education diploma.

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Hicks: Marriage patterns add to income inequality

After World War II, Americans began to marry later in life and with far fewer geographic restrictions. The “marriage market” shifted from small towns to colleges and workplaces. So, educational attainment, not race and religion, became a more important factor.

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Maurer misunderstands Tea Party movement

Mickey Maurer’s [Feb. 17] personalized and mean-spirited slam on Mike Delph and unwarranted smear on the Tea Party in particular shows ignorance of what the Tea Party is all about.

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Heartened by support for same-sex marriage

While my husband and I now live far from the Hoosier state (we met while working for then-Indiana Attorney General Pamela Carter, back in the day), the rest of my family still calls Indiana home.

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Bill would upset alcohol distribution

On behalf of Anheuser-Busch, I would like to thank IBJ for its continued coverage of Senate Bill 415. This important issue has been the subject of two articles as well as a hearing conducted in the Senate Public Policy Committee on Jan. 29.

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