Indianapolis Business Journal

FEBRUARY 3-9, 2014

This week, IBJ unveils the members of its Forty Under 40 Class of 2014—a collection of unusually accomplished young professionals who already are making vital contributions to life in Indianapolis. Also in this issue, IBJ's Dan Human points in ExactTarget's new direction—providing the medium for electronic gadgets to communicate with their owners. And in A&E, Lou Harry takes a road trip to Perfect North Slopes in southern Indiana, which has benefitted from the deluge of white stuff this year and has become a perfectly viable entertainment option.

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Lawmakers begin to shift focus beyond HJR 3

Following the initial rounds of jockeying surrounding HJR 3, the definition of marriage constitutional amendment, lawmakers can redirect their attention to other matters of substance for a few weeks. This week marks the initial third reading deadline, the final stage for passage of legislation in its chamber of origin, and many important pieces of legislation […]

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Editorial was uninformed

What an ignorant editorial [Jan. 27] regarding alcohol. If only editorial writers had to know their subject before committing their thoughts to paper.

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Biglari like Obama

Just completed Greg Andrews’ [Jan. 27] column. Perhaps Sardar Biglari should consider a presidential run in 2016.

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