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FEBRUARY 7-13, 2011

This week, see why the Indianapolis Indians are getting rid of about 400 seats at Victory Field and read about what has Steak n Shake franchisees riled. In A&E, see what Lou Harry thought about the Palladium's premiere. And in Forty Under 40, meet the up-and-coming professionals who made this year's list.

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Health insurance brokers set for shakeout

Health insurance brokers, who match up employers with health insurance policies, are about to have a brighter light shone on the commissions they earn from insurers. The likely result: Commissions will fall or flatline and, eventually, fall away in favor of fee-based business models.

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Bond wariness might make it tough for cities to borrow

Interest rates on municipal bonds have ticked up in the last two months to pre-recession levels as investors have pulled their money from bond funds in droves. That pattern has begun, gradually, to reverse, but the higher rates could add to the cost of issuing debt for pending city projects.

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Indians adding dining option to Victory Field

The Indianapolis Indians have torn out about 400 seats in Victory Field’s left flank to make way for Captain Morgan Cove—an open-air restaurant and bar that will feature a menu separate from other stadium offerings and table service for up to 120 fans.

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Wrecker business emerges from sad circumstances

After Tammy and Tony Hanna each lost a parent to cancer, the couple took $175,000 from their parents’ life-insurance policies to start Hanna’s Wrecker Service. It opened in October 2008 with five trucks and 13 employees, and now has seven trucks and 17 workers, and plans to move to a larger site that will allow for additional growth.

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MAURER: Workforce Inc. recycles people

Now that football season is over, I suggest we turn our attention to a real hero: Gregg Keesling, CEO of Workforce Inc., an organization that populates practically its entire work force with ex-offenders.

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Tobacco subsidies support smoking

I am usually amused and even sometimes intellectually stimulated by Bruce Hetrick’s opinion pieces. However, his piece (Jan. 24) drawing parallels between the tragic shootings in Tucson and tobacco related deaths is over the top.

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Marcadia may fetch up to $537 million in sale

The December sale of Carmel-based Marcadia Biotech to Roche garnered at least $287 million—and as much as $537 million—for the company’s owners and could lead the Marcadia management team to launch a firm using one of Marcadia’s experimental diabetes medicines.

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Indianapolis-based Hurco Cos. designs and produces interactive computer controls, software and computerized machine systems for the worldwide metal-cutting and metal-forming industry.

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