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JULY 5-11, 2010

This week, see who has invested $41 million in Steak n Shake parent Biglari Holdings in just two months and find out how central Indiana is positioning itself to become an electric vehicle powerhouse. In Focus, read about how health care reform is changing local firm Caregivers. Also, Return on Technology columnist Tim Altom shares how Google stole productivity from businesses by celebrating a birthday.

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Bond swaps cost city units $93M in penalties

Wall Street bankers for decades sold municipalities like Indianapolis on debt instruments called swaps as a safe way to reduce
borrowing costs and hedge against rising interest rates. In reality, the swaps were complicated bets that relied
on misguided assumptions, and taxpayers paid.

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Thirst rises for liquor licenses in Marion County

Finding the golden ticket of a liquor license in Indianapolis can be tricky—and costly. All 321 permits allowed in Marion
County under a state quota have been allotted. Unless a restaurant is opening in an “off-quota” district, the
owner has to find someone willing to transfer an existing license.

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Central Indiana aims to become electric vehicle powerhouse

Central Indiana might be in line to tap hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants and loan guarantees to energize
the rollout of plug-in electric cars and trucks. Both chambers of Congress are considering measures that would require the
Department of Energy to select up to 15 cities nationwide to participate in a national electric vehicle deployment program.

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Arts groups support each other

We are writing to give our wholehearted endorsement to [columnist] Greg Morris’ appeal for generous support for the
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (“Confessions of a symphony newbie,” June 21).

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Utility user fees to be diverted

A [wrong] is being perpetrated on the citizens
of Indianapolis by our city-county councilors, Mayor Greg Ballard and the board of Citizens Energy, by negotiating a “sale”
of the water company to Citizens.

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Joe Andrew to chair international law firm

The former chairman of the Democratic party in Indiana was named co-chairman of the firm resulting from the June 9 merger
of Washington, D.C.-based Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP and United Kingdom-based Denton Wilde Sapte LLP.

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Lilly’s Effient steps forward, then back

A day after doctors were alerted to a black-box warning that could slow sales of Effient’s main competitor,
a medical journal published research showing that patients suffered 43-percent more cancer tumors on Effient than on Plavix.

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