Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 6-12, 2011

This week’s issue features a profile of the Eli Lilly and Co. retiree who’s now in charge of Christamore House, the Haughville community center that almost went under last year. You’ll also find Who's Who in Life Sciences and a story on the growing popularity of electric cars in Indiana, as well as Lou Harry’s performing arts summer preview.

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Who’s Who in Life Sciences – 2011

In a monthly feature that runs in the first issue of the month, through October, IBJ is identifying influential players in eight different industry categories. Formidable brainpower sums up the individuals included in our list of Who’s Who in Life Sciences.

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Hoosiers in line for $30M in rebates

Only 19 of the 63 companies writing individual health insurance policies in Indiana have been meeting the new 80-percent medical-loss threshold of the health care reform law, potentially triggering a refund for customers.

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Maurer takes unfair political shots

Mickey Maurer’s May 31 commentary was a nice tribute to Gov. [Mitch] Daniels and was a somewhat humorous and tongue-in-cheek piece, that is, until he decided to take some cheap shots.

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Indianapolis libraries need funding

On a recent visit to my local library, I couldn’t help but notice the buzz of activity—a mother reading to her toddler, children and adults taking advantage of computer and Internet access, a middle-aged gentleman working with spread sheets on his laptop, and a line of people at the main desk waiting to check out items.

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