Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 1-7, 2010

This week, see why the city's smoking ban—such as it is—has local tourism leaders all fired up. Also, read about an attendance win for the Indiana Pacers, and find out why Asian capitalists are investing in Indiana businesses. In A&E, etc., Surf This columnist Jim Cota admits a guilty pleasure he indulges in online.

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MARCUS: The recovery has taken root

rom Madison to Merrillville and Elkhart to Evansville, the talk among businesspeople is positive. Customers are showing
more interest, orders are picking up. The data may not be there to support the good cheer, but economic data are always delayed.

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Trade motorized walkway for walking

Every day there are articles in newspapers and magazines and news reports on TV about obesity and what a problem it has become
and what we need to do to overcome it.

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NFP of NOTE: Trusted Mentors Inc.

Trusted Mentors Inc. uses the power of mentoring to help adults establish stable lives by reducing the chaos brought about
by poverty, homelessness, under-employment, and the effects of incarceration.

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