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OCTOBER 4-10, 2010

This week, see how the economy is affecting recent college graduates looking for jobs and read about what Southwest Airlines' purchase of rival Air Tran could mean for Indianapolis-based Republic Airways. In Focus, check out the transcript and videos from IBJ's Health Care Power Breakfast to see what our panel of experts have to say about the imact of reform. And in A&E, Lou Harry encounters the unusual at Main Street Organic Bistro in Brownsburg.

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City halts apartment developer

The Near North Development Corp. asked the city in a Sept. 2 e-mail to compare the renderings for the Di Rimini apartment project at 733 N. Capital Ave. with what was actually taking shape. A week later, the Department of Code Enforcement issued a stop-work order for the project.

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New grads struggle to put education to work

In May, only one-quarter of 2010 college graduates who applied for a job actually received one, compared with more than half in 2007. About as many college graduates of all ages also are plagued by underemployment, working jobs below their skill level—including Butler grad Tom Otero.

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State auto jobs creeping up again

Employment in Indiana’s auto industry has stabilized, and manufacturers even are hiring in small numbers. Hoosier automakers and parts suppliers added 10,000 workers this year through August, bringing total employment in the sector to 100,400.

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Rules mostly falling WellPoint’s way

Health insurers won fairly broad leeway under key rules suggested by state insurance commissioners that will govern what kinds of expenses count toward meeting a new federal threshold to spend at least 80 percent of premiums dollars on medical care.

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Rehab hospital shakes up leadership

The CEO is on his way out and the board has been dissolved at Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana, as its owners—Clarian Health and St. Vincent Health—work to pull the hospital closer to their own operations.

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MAURER: Is this really what you want to do?

To create a disciplined investment philosophy, I evolved from my experience, “The Ten Essential Principles of Entrepreneurship You Didn’t Learn in School. Over the course of 10 columns, I will feature each of these essential principles. This is the seventh installment.

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MARCUS: Some data are too exciting for bedtime

he U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis,” I began, “has just released quarterly personal-income data through the second quarter of 2010. They show Indiana in third place among the 50 states—third from the bottom—for income growth during April, May and June.

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HACKER: 2012 Super Bowl offers chance to give

It’s exciting to think that, in 16 months, thousands of people will arrive in Indianapolis from around the globe to be part of Super Bowl XLVI. And millions more will watch from their homes. Indianapolis truly will be in the spotlight in February 2012.

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Duke Energy maintains trust

A [Sept. 27] IBJ article reported on a settlement Duke Energy and several customer groups have reached on costs associated with construction of the company’s clean-coal technology power plant in Edwardsport.

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Indiana missed stimulus opportunity

Kudos to Mary Dieter and IBJ for the investigative journalism that led to the [Sept. 27] publication of the disturbing disclosure that the Daniels administration failed to pursue up to $103 million in federal stimulus money that would benefit Hoosier small businesses and workers.

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Indiana Sports Corp. intimidates IBJ

Make no mistake about it, we are calling you out, in your own publication. Indiana Sports Corp. has about 30 staffers; we both run the event and run in the event. We want to go head-to-head with Team IBJ next year!

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‘Greener Welcome’ will be powerful

In just a few days, thousands of Lilly employees will descend upon Interstate 70. The purpose: a massive makeover we’re calling “A Greener Welcome.” It will naturalize 10 acres of vacant interchanges.

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