White River park passes on balloon

Conner Prairie has $2.2 million riding on a ballooning exhibit that opened June 6. One thing that won’t stand in the way of
its success is a competing ride–at least not at White River State Park.

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Cultural institutions fear bear-market toll

The scenario for area art institutions could darken considerably in 2010, 2011 and 2012, as cultural institutions fully account for devastating investment losses in their endowments â?? a key source of income.

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Conner Prairie balloon ride part of 10-year strategy

Conner Prairie wants to pay homage to early aviator John Wise with a balloon ride that recalls his August
1859 trip from Lafayette at the helm of a gas-filled balloon bound for New York City with the nation’s first
air-mail delivery. An ill wind blew him Wisecourse, ending his flight in Crawfordsville, but he still earned
a place in history–and a U.S. Postal Service-issued stamp honoring his pioneering effort.

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