New federal funds come with big goals

Indiana has now received nearly $50 million in federal bucks to digitize health care around the state. But the latest grant—$16
million to the Indiana Health Information Exchange—comes with specific, ambitious goals for health care providers.

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Toyota accepted record $16.4 million fine

Toyota Motor Corp. agreed Monday to pay a record $16.4 million fine for failing to properly notify federal authorities about
a dangerous accelerator pedal defect. The automaker still denies the government's
allegation that it violated the law.

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Ethanol doubles its efforts in effort to keep subsidies

For years, ethanol fuel derived from corn was almost politically untouchable, thanks to powerful advocates on Capitol Hill.
The ethanol industry has consequently exploded over the last decade, thanks to government subsidies and incentives. But skepticism
about ethanol is rising, prompted by fluctuating food prices and an organized campaign by anti-ethanol advocates to discredit
the industry.

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