Teachers trust fund broker reaches settlement

David Karandos, a broker who advised the Indiana State Teachers Association Insurance Trust before it collapsed in 2009, has reached a settlement. Karandos agreed to a 75-day suspension from working in the securities industry and may pay up to $50,000 in restitution.

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Recession has a domino effect on venture capital

Call it a trickle-down effect, but not the kind President Reagan would have liked. The recession has cost most institutional
investors, such as university endowments, about a quarter of their value. As a result, venture capitalists’ primary source
of funding has dried up. The implications for Hoosier entrepreneurship are stark.

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Buyout firm lands $202M infusion

Locally based Hammond Kennedy Whitney & Co. closed on $202 million in new capital this month, doubling its size. Its resources
have increased, but HKW’s investment philosophy is unchanged. It continues to buy small and midsize specialty manufacturing
companies, infuse them with cash and management expertise, then patiently wait for them to grow.

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