Don’t treat children like commodities

I’m writing in response to the article "Indiana adoption agencies trying new strategies" from the Oct. 27 issue. As an adoptive mom, I was pleased to see an adoption article at the beginning of National Adoption Month (November). However, I was very disappointed in the use of the term "supply" in referring to the number […]

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Indianapolis needs more to-your-door delivery services

There is an essential component missing that I believe service businesses have to pay attention to and offer if they truly
consider themselves “taking care of the city [of Indianapolis] dwellers.” One of them is to-your-door delivery, especially
for food, including groceries.

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Let’s limit campaigns to public funds

The only way more ideas, more candidates, more party platforms can gain
any traction, any consideration by the public at large, would be for all political parties to receive, and run only on public

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