Sheila Suess Kennedy: Our hyper-partisan politics can be deadly

In today’s highly polarized America, an individual’s self-identification as Republican or Democrat has come to signify a wide range of attitudes and beliefs not necessarily limited to support for a political party. Affiliation with a political party has made Americans’ increasingly tribal social identities most predictive—and most consequential.

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‘Pro-life’ crowd, be careful what you wish for

Alabama, Georgia and other states have passed abortion bans, aiming at a Supreme Court they believe has been politicized in their favor. Ironically, sending the issue back to the states, as a decision to overturn Roe would do, falls into the “be careful what you wish for” category. Republicans have benefited greatly from the single-issue […]

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KENNEDY: Legislators ignore their constituents—again

This is the fourth year Indiana’s legislators have been asked to enact a bias-crimes bill. As proponents have pointed out, ours is one of only five states without such a law. As the business community has testified, the impression that Indiana is a state unfriendly to minorities—an impression that “went viral” during Gov. Mike Pence’s […]

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