Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 29-MAY 5, 2013

This week, thrill to the life story of Bill Shirk, a professional escape artist who built a radio empire in central Indiana – and remains a player in the industry at age 67. Zionsville’s brick-laden retail district is still hanging in there as well, but some key vacancies have economic development officials scrambling for an extensive market study. In Focus, Anthony Schoettle spells out the major upgrades planned for the Brickyard, aka the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which include lights for night racing. And in A&E, Lou Harry breaks down the lineup at Spotlight, a fundraiser featuring a cavalcade of lesser-known but more-than-impressive artists in Indy.

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Ownership snarl resolved, Illinois Building on block

An affiliate of locally based HDG Mansur has owned the 10-story building at Illinois and Market streets since the 1980s. It’s sat empty for 10 years, thanks in large part to separate ownership of the building and the land—an arrangement once common among downtown buildings.

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Work rules split pilots, Republic

Republic Airways Holdings and the union that represents its pilots are so far apart in contract talks that the National Mediation Board in Washington, D.C., won’t schedule more meetings between the parties. Republic has agreed to higher pay, but the union wants significant changes to work rules that affect quality of life and, the union insists, passenger safety.

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Feds scrutinize nursing home buying spree

Indiana’s county-owned hospitals have rushed to acquire nursing homes in the past two years, opening a revenue stream for both the hospitals and the long-term-care facilities. But the additional federal revenue that has driven these purchases could come under threat.

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Venture capital favoring later-stage firms

Getting $50,000—often from friends and relatives—to develop a product and set up a company still is easy enough in Indiana, small-business leaders and venture capitalists say. But once a firm needs a few million dollars to grow into a revenue-generating operation, the area can’t compete with Silicon Valley’s magnetism for venture capital.

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RUSTHOVEN: Praise for one of the good guys

This weekend finds me in D.C. cheering my Reagan White House boss, Fred Fielding, on receiving the National Republican Lawyers Association’s Ed Meese Award for upholding the rule of law in the face of political adversity. No one could be more deserving.

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BIRGE: Building a state of innovation

Are entrepreneurs born or made? As a corporate finance attorney who spends most of his waking hours with leaders of high-growth businesses, I’ve observed that entrepreneurs have certain shared traits: ambition, dynamism, curiosity and confidence.

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Hicks: Fiscal prudence should be rewarded by tax cuts

Indiana enjoys what economists call a “structural surplus” in state tax revenue. This means the several-hundred-million-dollar surplus is a permanent affair when viewed against current expenditures. It would be astonishing if this did not lead to calls for a tax cut, and so it has.

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Kim: Does the collapse of gold mark the end of an era?

Gold serves as a “fear index,” measuring investors’ level of fear and anxiety. Investors view gold as a store of wealth offering protection from inflation, credit defaults and economic Armageddon. Gold soared from $300 per ounce in September 2001 to $1,900 per ounce in September 2011. That’s no coincidence. September 2001 was marked by the […]

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Foreign aid is important

In light of the sequestration, it is crucial that the government realizes the importance of foreign aid spending and its impact on the economy.

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Channel 8, Channel 13 newscasts get kudos

Channel 8 was honored by the Radio Television Digital News Association for overall excellence and for its website. Channel 13 won the association's “best newscast” for the Feb. 4 newscast last year, shot in the midst of the Super Bowl crowd in Indianapolis.

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