Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 1-7, 2011

This week, check out the final installment of our "Testing Reform" series on overhauling education and find out why successful businessman Bill Mays is retiring from the company he founded. In Focus, read about why more local life sciences firms are launching their products in Europe. And meet the power players in the construction, design and engineering industry in the latest Who's Who.

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Indiana life sciences leaders look toward the future

Former Eli Lilly and Co. vice president Richard Dimarchi, BioCrossroads President David Johnson, angel investor Oscar Moralez and Purdue University Senior Vice President Alan Rebar discuss issues ranging from the depth of the life sciences industry in Indiana to venture capital and Purdue’s Discovery Park.

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Maurer column brought smile

I wanted to reach [out] about Mickey Maurer’s [July 25] column. It was very well done and put a smile or two on my face (and made me chuckle out loud).

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Athletes can win at charity game

I appreciated Kathleen McLaughlin’s [July 25] article on professional athletes’ involvement in philanthropic work, often creating their own charities.

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United Way clarification

The [July 13] news item explaining United Way’s community investments for the fiscal year indicates United Way will “contribute” $2.65 million from its budget to cover unpaid pledges calls for clarification.

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