Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 11-18, 2014

The cost of the Marion County's new criminal justice center could provoke sticker shock, but the novel way that Mayor Greg Ballard wants to finance it could put voters at ease. Kathleen McLaughlin examines the all-inclusive model that would boil down costs down to a single annual fee. Also in this week's issue, Andrea Davis tells the story of a Zionsville family that turned a summer project into a peanut-butter manufacturing business. And in A&E Etc., Mike Lopresti swaps baseball stories with Indianapolis Indians icon Max Schumacher.

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IMS should change to accommodate its fans

As a transplant to Indy, I don’t have the history with attending races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway [Aug. 4]. I have been to my fair share of races (and was even a Yellow Shirt volunteer for a couple years), but I am not a diehard attendee.

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