Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 23-29, 2010

This week, read about how Indianapolis could score another $25 million from the sale of the city's water and sewer utilities and find out what changes to student-lending rules could mean for ITT Educational Services. In Focus, see how urban school districts are faring when it comes to improving students' performance. And check out the latest of Mickey Maurer's 10 lessons for entrepreneurs.

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Marsh taken off the market

The parent company of Marsh Supermarkets plans to continue investing in the local grocery chain after it failed to find a
buyer for the chain of roughly 100 stores. Half of those are in Indianapolis.

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St. Vincent seeks growth in transplants

St. Vincent Health is moving aggressively to expand its transplant program in a direct challenge to Clarian Health’s dominance
in the field. The Indianapolis-based hospital system filed in July for permission to conduct pancreas transplants. And down
the road, it’s eyeing liver and maybe even lung transplants.

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EDITORIAL: GM dispute deserves vote

It’s puzzling to us that leaders of the United
Auto Workers Local 23 are against members even casting a vote on the proposed takeover of GM’s Indianapolis metal-stamping plant by Illinois-based J.D.
Norman Industries.

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MAURER: If it feels right, take the leap

To create a disciplined investment philosophy, I evolved “The Ten Essential Principles of Entrepreneurship You Didn’t
Learn in School”—at least I didn’t learn them in school. Over the course of 10 columns, I will feature each
of these essential principles. This is the fourth installment.

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GM deal promising for local automaker

Now that Bright Automotive has announced a strategic partnership [with] General Motors, we think IBJ should reconsider
the title it gave a recent article about the company (Aug 2, “Losing power?”). We’d suggest “Powering

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Attendance figures were inconsistent

I was disappointed in the lack of fair and accurate reporting in Kathleen McLaughlin’s article, “Missing the
action: Museums struggle to capture foot traffic from busy Central Canal,” which was published in the Aug. 16 edition.

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Coaches, mentors often confused

[Mickey Maurer] really did a great job in [his Aug. 9 column,] “Even CEOs need mentors.” I agree that having
a mentor, or having someone to coach you, is valuable.

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